About Us

Like all ORS 190 intergovernmental entities in Oregon, Frontier is governed and controlled by a Board of Directors (Board) appointed by, responsible to and acting on behalf of the units of local government that are parties to the intergovernmental agreement that created Frontier. Current parties to Frontier’s governance agreement (i.e., Frontier’s “members”) are Gilliam County, Sherman County and Wheeler County. Each county court appoints one member of Frontier’s three member Board. Since no single member controls 50% or more of the voting rights of the Board, Frontier is recognized under Oregon law as being legally-distinct and independent from each of its county-members.

In 2019, Frontier’s Board of Directors consists of:

As an Oregon public body, Frontier operates in compliance with all Oregon legal requirements with respect to providing public notice of Board meetings and allowing attendance by members of the public and opportunities for members of the public to address the Board. Board meeting minutes and other records are made available for public inspection in accordance with Oregon public records laws. Public records requests should be submitted in writing via email to records@frontier-telenet.org, or by mail to P.O. Box 614, Condon, OR 97823 ATTN: Manager.